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My name is Hassan Aly Selim and I'm a Student in the German University in Cairo.

I'm a Programming Geek, I like to develop games and apps in my free time.
I'm also a PC Gamer (but not a Pro), I play Strategy Games (like Red Alert 3), Racing Games (mainly the Need For Speed series & DiRT 2) and FPS Games (mainly the Call of Duty series).

I'm always online and keeping up with the latest Tech news (thanks to Twitter).
I have an infinite number of online accounts on all kinds of web services, most of them are here.

I'm also a fan of Photo Editing, and started making some Photos with cool Effects (most of them inlude me having some sort of super power or special ability :D).

If you haven't guessed it from my Blog, I'm a PC guy and a fan of Microsoft, however I also consider Linux to be a good OS Kernel (I tried Ubuntu for a while) and I like Open Source.

You can Download my CV here.

My E-mails are:
feedback[at]hassanselim[dot]me (website/app/game feedback!)
hassanselim0[at]hotmail[dot]com (frequently checked)
hassanselim0[at]gmail[dot]com (often checked)

If you want to reach me (almost) instantly, contact me through my Twitter Account!

You can see most of my Online Identities in the Page Footer below