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Motion over UDP

Motion over UDP is a Windows Phone 7.5 app that gets motion data from your phone's sensors and sends it to your PC over Wi-Fi, so make sure you have your phone connected to the same Wireless Network as your PC, if you have a router that has both a wired and a wireless interface then you can have your PC connected via Ethernet and your phone via Wi-Fi.
Motion over UDP can work over 3G (or EDGE or 4G) but it will require you to configure port forwarding on your router and it will be very laggy.
Also note that this app requires your phone to have a compass sensor which is not found on some first-gen Windows Phones, this limitation is put by the Motion API I'm using but I plan to remove this limitation and fall back to the old Sensor APIs if a compass was not detected on your phone.

This app doesn't work on it's own, you must have a special client app running on your PC, these client apps can be anything, they can range from a simple app that simulate key presses to a full-fledged game that makes use of the motion data coming from your phone, a list of client apps can be found at the end of this page, the list will be updated as new client apps are made and updated.

This app is still in an experimental stage, so it's not very user friendly and currently targetted towards tech savvy people and developers.
I will soon be providing an open-source SDK that allows developers to make apps that make use of the motion data captured and sent by your phone.
I feel ambitious about this project and I hope that this turns into some sort of platform for sending motion sensor data from smartphones to PCs, so if you're an Android or iPhone developer thinking about porting this app so that other people can use the same PC Clients with their smartphones then don't hesitate to contact me on my feedback mail (below) or in any other way :)

To give me feedback about the Windows Phone app or any of the PC Client apps, send me an e-mail on feedback *at* hassanselim *dot* me

List of Client Apps:

Keyboard Simulator
This app simulates presses on the Left, Right, Up and Down arrow keys according to how you tilt your phone (while holding it in landscape mode). This allows you to play racing games using mostly your phone (you might still need your keyboard for things like Nitro and other extra functions), just make sure you have the Acceleration, Brakes, Turn Left, Turn Right controls set to Up, Down, Left, Right keys respectively.
However not all games respond to these key press simulations, these are my tests so far:
DiRT 2 - Doesn't Work
Split/Second - Works

Note: This app requires .Net Framework 3.5 (client profile)

Motion Data Displayer
This app just displays all the motion data recieved from the phone.
First row is the Acceleration X, Y & Z.
Second row is the Direction of Gravity X, Y & Z.
Third row is the Yaw, Pitch & Roll.
Forth row is the Rotational Velocity around the X, Y & Z axis. (will be zeros if your phone doesn't have a gyroscope sensor)

Note: This app requires .Net Framework 3.5 (client profile)

More will be added as soon as I finish my Final Exams :D