Hello everybody !
At last, I finally made myself a new website, now I have a real blog were people can comment on my posts :)
I always like to do things myself instead of relying on Templates and Blogging Services like WordPress and BlogSpot, so I made this website with all it's pages and it's RSS Feed from scratch during my (very short :@) midyear vacation !

I made it using ASP.NET 3.0 and coded with C# and the content is on a Microsoft SQL Server, as you can see I hosted the website on brinkster.net which is one of the few places were you can get a Free Windows Hosting Service, but sadly there wasn't MSSQL on the free package, so I used bizhostnet's Free MSSQL Hosting service.

I manually transferred all the posts from my old blog to this new blog, you'll notice that they're all posted at 2 AM, that's because on my old blog I used to store only the date of posting without the time.
I used to blog about Programming only, now I'll use this blog to talk about all sorts of stuff, and I'll categorize them, so you can filter out the categories you're not interested in.

If you're wondering how I made these COOL Visual Elements (logo, tabs, ...etc), I drew them using Microsoft Expression Design 3 which is part of the Microsoft Expression Studio 3 Pack which you can get for free if you're a student from MSDN AA and DreamSpark !

I transfered my website to a new Host (GoDaddy.com, I hate their name too) and got a new Domain, it's www.hassanselim.me !