Since everybody is writing Blog Post about the Visual Studio 2010 Launch Day, I decided to write my own too :)
If you’re following me on Twitter (or FaceBook) you’ll notice that I’ve tweeted about it (who didn’t anyway?)
Since I’m a not a pro and don’t have a lot to say, I’ll just link to other blog posts and I’ll talk about other things that are related to VS2010.

So first of all (if you don’t know) today is that day where Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 gets out of Beta and gets released to the world, there was a live stream shown here, I watched part of it but I stopped because it's very hard to listen to something and read another thing on the web at the same time and they weren’t gonna finish soon.

Scott Hanselman (@shanselman) blogged about some of the new features in Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 and since I have nothing more to add to his list, I’ll just give you a link to his blog post (his website became slow for some time because a lot of people were viewing that post :D).

As usual, Ars Technica's Emil Protalinski made a fully descriptive news post about it, including a comparison between the old and new SKUs and their new and renewal prices, he also made a table with features of each SKU and an enormous amount of links with all related downloads.

Microsoft Feed posted some nice VS2010 Wallpapers and later made a Win7 Theme out of them (they even posted VS2010 Twitter Backgrounds), I downloaded the Wallpapers and picked some of them to be part of my huge Desktop Background Slideshow :)

Also, today Microsoft revealed a new social networking phone called KIN (which I also tweeted about), the KIN will run on Windows Phone 7 and it’ll come in 2 versions, the “KIN ONE” which is small, almost square, looks like the Palm Pre, has a 5MP camera and a small slide QWERTY Keyboard, the “KIN TWO” has a wider screen, bigger Keyboard, more memory and an 8MP camera, and both phones can record HD Video at 720p. You can see detailed posts about the KIN at Microsoft Feed, Mashable and Ars Technica.

Back to Visual Studio, I tested Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1, 2 and the RC, I made a lot of projects on them (including this blog!) and I liked every part of them, so I was waiting for the RTM to be available on DreamSpark and in the Channel9 Live Stream they mentioned that it’ll be available in a week or two, but apparently a lot of students asked for it so they made it available TODAY !
The version available there is the Professional version (here is the link), I wish they had put the Ultimate version, but I don’t think I’ll be needing the extra features in the Ultimate version anyways.

For those who don’t know, DreamSpark is a place were students can download development-related Microsoft Software FREE OF CHARGE, all they need is to sign-in and verify that they are students, DreamSpark is one of the reasons why I’m 100% loyal to Microsoft :) (actually it’s 98% because I don’t like IE8 :D)
By the way, if you’re not a student you can download the Express versions which is also free.

Anyways, I’m very happy with all these great news and I can’t wait till they release Silverlight 4, XNA 4.0, Expression Studio 4 (all 4s, coincidence?) and Windows Phone 7 :)